It's time to make the switch to save water and help your skin. Our shower head not only far surpasses our competitors with its water pressure, it also helps filter the bacteria out of the water, helps improve hair & skin health, and saves you money on your water bill.

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Ionic Shower Head - Premium Quality Ionic Shower Head

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Shower Head

- Up to 35% saved water 1.8 GPM
- Adds a 200% increase in pressure
- Cleaning in faster & more efficient
- Removes harmful bacteria & chemicals

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The Stones

These stones help purify the water, removes heavy metals, lead, fluoride, chlorine, chemicals & harmful bacteria. They've been used for years to treat skin diseases as well. That is the reason we have incorporated them in our shower head. The specific stone is called maifan stone. Once you read about their special properties, you'll never go back to a regular shower head.

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Ionic Shower Head - Premium Quality Ionic Shower Head

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Increased Pressure

200% more pressure than traditional shower heads will help you enjoy a better and cleaner shower.

Easy Installation

Our shower head connects to any standard or traditional wall mount without any need of expert installation.

The Different Modes

Rainfall: Enjoy a soothing shower. Jetting: When you need to take a quick but still efficient shower. Massage: After a long day turn this mode on and enjoy a water massage in your shower.

A scalp massager for healthier hair



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The Life Changing Scalp Brush

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