Zen Body

The Best Eco-Friendly Shower Head

$49.99 $61.99


Introducing Zen Body Shower Head

Removes Bacteria & Chemicals

Up to 2 Times Increased Water Pressure

Improves Hair & Skin Health

3 Shower Modes For Spa Like Shower

Saves up to 30% on Water Usage


Common Questions & Answers

How long do the stones last?

The Maifan Stones need to be replaced about once a year unless it’s being used multiple times a day. Then it should be replaced about every 6 months. 

What are those Stones?

The stones we use are called Maifan Stones. They've been used for centuries & they've been known to help improve skin and hair health.

Does this include the hose ?

NO, This only comes with the shower head itself.

Where do you ship to?

We're shipping worldwide.

How much is shipping ?

USA : FREE, 1-3 business day shipping.

Rest of the world: You’ll get the choice to choose during checkout.

Where is the shower head shipping from?

We ship all of our shower heads from California.

Is my credit card information secure here ?

YES. Everything is processed with the issuing merchant. 

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